About Us

We are one of the fastest growing tour operator companies that are known for the qualitative services. Most of our clients prefer us for the personalized services offered by us. We offer most unique and exotic travelling destinations to the travelers that leave them in great amazement. Our services are unique in itself that give you some memorable moments that you can cherish for lifetime. We have a highly qualified team of professionals who understand the needs of client and offer them the services as they desire. They are the master in whatever they do and have the solutions of every problem faced by the client. With the support of such a great team, we have been able to create a niche in the industry.

Our aim has always been to offer best in the industry and our team members have enabled them achieve that. We give optimum value to the money of our client and always use the post service feedback mechanism so that we can upgrade or implement the suggested changes in our services. Our focus also remains on offering the best accommodation and transportation services to our clients so that they don't have to face any kind of inconvenience.

Why You Choose Us?

We will give you first - hand experience, can tell you secrets about Kerala you can't find as these things in any other website. We will handle all the details. We also provide all the activities to our clients. If you have any suggestion in our packages, please make changes & inform us. So relaxes, your holiday dreams will be in the hands of Kerala Experts.

Self Owned House Boats & Resorts Excellent Hospitality ServiceGuides with Multilingual skills (English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam) Thorough Local Knowledge.

We offer variety of tour options to our clients such as:

  • Cultural & Religious Tours
  • Luxury Tours
  • Wildlife special tour
  • Honeymoon tours
  • Institutional Tours
  • Camping
  • Special Interest groups
  • Tours for Conferences and meetings

  • Besides we also make sure that our services include:

  • Hotel Reservation
  • Tour Packages
  • Car & Coach Rental
  • Air Tickets